Apologies in advance… this was written quickly and the photos are no good… Hopefully it’s still interesting and/or useful to future TCR competitors! TCRNo7 didn’t look like the most exciting edition on paper. Beyond the direction reversal, the biggest challenge looked to be a bit of gravel – otherwise, it was a pretty straight line […]

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Or the Lofoten Islands, to be precise. Lofoten is firmly in the Arctic Circle, but thanks to the Gulf Stream, has the largest positive temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude. Combined with the stunning scenery and low population, it seemed the perfect place to take the bike for a week of exploration. In […]



Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. Sometimes you’re a tad ‘underfunded’ for a mini break. Those are the times when I like to grab a bivvy sack and find somewhere pleasant to go and get a terrible night’s sleep. Poring over an OS map a few weeks ago I’d spotted a […]

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Dunwich Dynamo

This weekend saw my final chance to test my full TCR setup (which now contains almost none of my original kit) over a long distance and iron out any wrinkles. In now traditional style, this meant the weekend started with discovering my rear wheel was dead. One of the nipples had pulled through the rim, knocking […]

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