Mille Pennines

My DNF at the TransAtlantic Way has been weighing heavily on my mind, so a few weeks ago I decided to find a challenge with comparable distance and climbing to the section of TAW that I missed. As luck would have it, Mille Pennines had four drop out spaces available and offered around 12,000m of […]

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TransAtlantic Way

I’ve been holding off writing this up as I still haven’t gotten over the disappointment of scratching. The TAW was my main target for the year, something I’d trained extremely hard for and my first chance to measure myself against some of the giants of the ultracycling world. Everything was going perfectly right up until […]

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Bryan Chapman Memorial 2018

It feels like an absolute age since I signed up to the 2018 edition of this event. It’s one of the most popular audaxes on the calendar and you need to fire off a cheque pretty early to get a place. I don’t think I’d even made up my mind which ultra race I’d be […]

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